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Ajay Narayan 


Date of Birth:


As i am expressing abstract paintings since long time and more time from my twenty years
paintings journey,
In this painting i have depicted a landscape which are allowed me to experience and express a
bird eyes view . When i see earth as bird eye view it seems monochromatic, and when it's become
details have seen so many colours in the landscape. In this painting i have used so many
geometrical form to dedicate to existence of human nature and it's behaviour. Like dot - i have
used dot is a symbol of the humans existence and other side square triangle, and lines are
showing existence of the architecture in the earth.

A Bit About Me

Aifacs state level, 2001 | Virasat sanrakshan, state level award, 2002
2017- "Camouflage" solo show delhi diary's art lounge, New Delhi | 2013- Solo show NIV art
centre | 2009- Solo show Triveni kala sangam, New Delhi | 2019- “Pratibimb” Indo- Russian art
exhibition at state museum Jhansi, jhansi | 2019- “Gandhi 2019 through the eyes of artist” on thje
eve of 150 year of Mahatma Gandhi at Lalit kala akademi New Delhi | 2019- “Tryst with colour iv”
by Nirvana art at India habitat center, New Delhi | 2019- “Gandhi through the eyes of artist”
Banaras hindu university, Banaras | 2018- Group show governor house Bihar, Patna | 2018-
Bodh gaya biennale, Bodh gaya | 2018 - Lal bahadur shastri national academy of administration,
mussoorie | 2018- Group show governor house Bihar | 2016- Group show at Ahmedabad | 2014-
Group show Finix mall Mumbai | 2014- Group show thesis & antithesis, the gallery on mg, |
2012- Group show in Bhopal Lalit kala kendra | 2012- Group show in Gallery Alternative,
Gurgaon | 2012- Group show in Surya hotel, New Delhi | 2011- What we see and what we believe
in show at NIV art centre , duet show, New Delhi | 2011- Group show at Alternative gallery | 2010-
Gallery sri parvati group show, Chennai | 2010- Vignette group show Lalit kala akademi, New
Delhi | 2010- Group show in your tint presents ckp Bangalore | 2010- Group show in
Renaissance gallerie, Bangalore | 2008- Vision-08 organised by Roy foundation at Travancore
gallery, New Delhi | 2008- Khushii India on canvas at embassy of France | 2008 - Vibes of spirits
group exhibition in Jalandhar, Punjab | 2008- Spring art show, organized by Hotel janpath and
Krishna's collection. | 2008- Group show at convention foyer, Indian habitat centre, Delhi | 2008-
Open palm court, India habitat centre, Delhi | 2007- Variation, Lalit kala akadamei in Chennai |
2006- variation, in ahmedabad | 2006- variation, n hyderabad | 2007- triveni kala sangam, by
Krishna's collection | 2006- Kaleidoscope, Vadodara | 2006- Triveni kala sangam.

2018- National art camp in Mussoorie in collaboration with lbsnaa and Lalit kala akademi | 2018-
National art camp in Bihar museum | 2013- "Vasudhaivakutumbakam" International site specific
art camp in Maha kumbh, Allahabad, | 2012- Tellus art international workshop in Jim corbett,
Uttara khand, India | 2008- Khushii artist camp, ; 2008- Spring art camp organized by hotel
Janpath and Krishna's collection | 2007- Variation, Chennai | 2006- Variation, in Ahmedabad |
2006- Variation, in Hyderabad.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-18 at 11.31.53 AM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-18 at 11.31.53 AM (1).jpeg
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